April 20, 2014

Is a Healthy Vending Machines Business a Good Idea? This Couple Thinks So …

Andy and Shari Calicchio Strive to Have 50 Healthy Vending Machines Within 2 years of Making Their First Machines Operational

In the following video, HUMAN healthy vending machines Atlanta, Georgia based couple Andy and Shari Calicchio are interviewed, and after watching their video, it’s obvious why they would get into the healthy vending machines business.  Andy and Shari both express their interest in exercise and nutrition, which is essentially what led them to approach a school principal with the idea of replacing the evil, cheetos and fritos-dispensing vending machine.  In the video you can see them in the school, standing in front of the junk food machine that will be replaced.

When asked what kind of animal they would be Andy and Shari answered, “a lion” and “a tiger” respectively.  Without being cliche, any business is “dog-eat-dog,” and it takes an almost predatory-like business acumen to succeed.  Having said that, most people would be apprehensive to approach a school as the Calicchio’s did, which is why it is important to think outside of the box.  The plus side to this is that it is always easier to present and argue for a product that speaks for itself.  Given the choice between a machine that dispenses sugar coated snacks and sodas and a machine that dispenses healthy snacks and drinks – the choice is clear.  A school can make just as much, and in many cases, more money with a healthy vending machines business.

“Did you do the Motor Boat?”  Vince Vaughn, Wedding Crashers – The Calicchio’s Favorite Movie

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